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Online vs. In Person Broker- Which is Best for You?

Online Brokers

We all know this isn’t too difficult of a topic, but there are definitely pros and cons to the matter of finding the right type of broker to fit your needs.

Typically either option will do for a beginner, but how you communicate the best, with technology or with people is what decides it all for you, that and experience of course.

Online vs In Person Broker- Which is Best for You?

This article is part of the Investing Series we have on AnalysisWiz.

Online Brokers

Some examples of well known online brokerages are E-Trade and TD Ameritrade, both geared towards mobile and desktop trading. What most people don’t know is that some trading platforms online offer guided plans with a professional for reduced cost and better presence than in-person sessions.

Online Brokers let you make your own decisions, giving educated investors an advantage of fewer fees per trade. If you are sitting back waiting for compound interest to turn it’s dues then either an Online Broker or an In-Person Broker will do.


  • Get to make your own decisions
  • Have research tools in place
  • You learn how to trade stocks
  • Less fees per trade
  • You often have mobile tools
  • Investing can be guided
  • Stepping into the unknown


  • Brokers are professionals
  • Brokers can do extensive research
  • You do not have a third party
  • Trades may take too much time for fast actions
  • Trades are not approved

In Person Broker

In-Person Brokers usually work within a company to aid investors on their journey investing in stock, mutual funds, index funds, ETFs and more. Since the investor’s journey is in person then the communication between the broker and the investor will be high quality, highly personalized service.

Both online investing and in person with a broker can be beneficial for learning. When it comes to online investing however you are starting from scratch so you have to build up a base of knowledge while investing or just let compound interest run its course. An in-person broker most likely has personal experience in investing and making investing decisions. For more information on finding the right broker for you view this article about making sure you have the right broker for stock trading.


  • Highly personalized service
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Experience in Investing decisions
  • Experience in Finance
  • Not stepping into the unknown


  • Less Control than Online
  • Possible conflicts
  • Commission Pressures from Management
  • Not very portable, or mobile
  • No quick and fast desktop log in

Online vs In Person Broker-Conclusion

Whether you get an online or in-person broker, both options have resources readily available and working for your personal needs. Much of finding the right broker service is about finding what you prefer, so saying that one is better than the other simply isn’t true. An experience may go wrong with an in-person broker or online broker for you and you may lean towards one side, but simply put the real answer is that either way, whatever suits you best and what you will do is what you should be doing.

All I can truly say is that as AnalysisWiz, we have found some of the best resources for you on your way to making your decisions about investingFinding the right broker has never been easier. 


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